Education and Students Reports


Nancy Ferguson

The Education and Students (E&S) Committee plays a central role in the candidacy process and is responsible for a number of reporting functions to presbytery/district, Conference, and the Faith Formation and Education Unit.

Licensed Lay Worship Leaders in Algoma Presbytery:

  • LLWLs Guidelines: To inform you of the extent of the services they can provide. Please read it carefully so that your expectations coincide with their guidelines.
  • Information Form: An information form listing the kind of information the LLWL is looking for when asked to preach at your church.
  • LLWL Contact List:  The current LLWL list. You may wish to contact some of them for pulpit supply.

Since we have fewer churches without a current minister, the opportunity for all thirteen of our LLWLs to preach in a year becomes a challenge for them. Our LLWLs are all very capable people and we urge you to consider inviting someone you have not had before to come to your church to lead Sunday worship. This will increase the opportunity for all our LLWLs to serve you and to keep their strengths and abilities current.