Rydal Bank United Church

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About Rydal Bank Pastoral Charge

The Rydal Bank Pastoral Charge has a long history filled with many changes and times of realignment. At present, there are four church buildings standing, but only three congregations due to the closure of the Rydal Bank Church in 1978.

The Leeburn Church has been closed and sold and is now a private residence.

The congregation of the Northland Central Church chose to amalgamate with the congregation of Cloudslee United Church, which is now part of the newly-formed Central Algoma Church Community.

The first record of religious activities in Cloudslee was the formation of a class of twelve in the season of 1877-78 at this new appointment of the Bruce Mines Mission. Meeting were held in the McCrea's schoolhouse. Family names mentioned in the records of that year were: McCrea, Robertson and McEwen. In the following years the names of Batty, Pace and Knight appeared. Fifteen years later, Mrs. Cornelius Bell passed away, leaving money in her will for the building of a Methodist church. On January 20th, 1894 a building committee was formed and the tender of John Lamont was accepted to build the church.