Central Algoma Church Community

Rev. Erasmus Madimbu
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Robin McLeod


18 Williams Street
Bruce MinesON P0S 1C0

About the Central Algoma Church Communities Cluster

The Central Algoma Church Communities is a "cluster" of United Churches in the Central Algoma area, and includes:

  • Bruce Mines United Church
  • Desbarats United Church
  • Cloudslee United Church
  • Zion United Church (Thessalon)

Rev Erasmus Madimbu serves all four pastoral charges, and leads worship at two of them each Sunday. Worship at the other two are led by Lay Worship Leaders.

This co-operative model is the result of extensive consultation and discussion among the four congregations, and is a response to the difficulty in finding ministers to fill the four part-time vacancies at these churches.

The model was unanimously approved at congregational meetings held in each pastoral charges.