Christian Development

Chair:  Nancy Rouble

Note: At the April 2014 meeting of Algoma Presbytery, the former "Christian Development" subcommittee was merged into the "Faith Formation and Communications" committe, which then adopted the name "Christian Development." This reflects the committee's purpose of nurturing Christian Faith and Fellowship, and finding new ways to be a Community of Faith, across the Presbytery.

The Christian Development Committee is a group of people who take responsibility for Fellowship and Christian Development activities within the Presbytery.

This is accomplished through Christian Education workshops and learning events, Fellowship and Community-building activities, support of Camp McDougall, Youth and Young Adult programming, UCW, and general support of those in Continuing Education.

This Committee is also responsible for maintaining the Presbytery's Facebook page and this Website, and other means of communicating with Presbyters and the wider United Church community in Algoma.

For further information, please contact...

Chair: Nancy Rouble by email at